Short and Intense learning with Community !

The Best & Motivated Learning Model which is community based between students and teachers. This method makes learning fun and interesting.


Learning by doing, sharing and motivating !

Learn by practice

Learning by doing is the one of our main Goal. Passive learning is a weak way of developing a skill. Our mentors are offering lots of practical works which helps to learn skills in an integrated and strong way. Practice makes the man perfect.

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Community driven Learning

Our platform is loaded with many functions and possibilities that is similar to other community sites available (like Facebook, Instagram etc…) Teachers create groups for students where they can share or showcase their work and these can be commented or liked by others This causes confidence to the author and boosts for other students. This provides a healthy learning approach.

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Learn anywhere

Supporting you with learning anywhere. Wherever you are, and however you need help, we have the resources for you. We're here to help you by providing you quality education to learn in short time and get ready to climb on your career with ease.

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Why Choose Us

Why Choose Us

Crash Course Learning is aimed to develop the skill with integrity and fun

We help individuals to learn in their own pace with hands on training and projects that add up their skills to reach their goals and pursue their dreams. Some of the salients features of Crash courses online platform are

  • Over 1500 Courses in 18 Subjects and keeps growing
  • Community based active learning of crash courses
  • Registration is free to join our community
  • Registered users will have a personal page to share their work or project that they learnt.
  • Works can be rewarded with likes by others that boosts the authors confidence
  • Dedicated forum for discussion of relevant topics
  • All courses have rich practical materials ranging in various level of challenges
  • And much more features......

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We take education to the next level that provides freedom & creativity.

We are committed to share the best of the knowledge gained to the needy and get delighted seeing them learning the new skills. Our community based learning crash courses adds extra value in learning with fun and sharing thier work. We believe everyone are equal to have the opportunity to get educated and our crash course online aims at that. We are always delighted to welcome passionate educators who are interested to share and teach their skills.

Doris R. Naber

Operations director

Doris R. Naber

Operations director

Doris R. Naber

Operations director

Doris R. Naber

Operations director


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